Electroplating Processes

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The Electroplating Process

We offer a diverse range of advanced electroplating and metal finishing services. Serving customers across Melbourne & Australia.

Our company currently provides:

  • Decorative/Corrosion Prevention coatings(Chrome, Nickel,Zinc and Copper)
  • Industrial coatings (Electroless Nickel, Corrosion Prevention)
  • Engineering Coatings( Heavy Build Soft & Hard Nickel, Ceramic Composite)
  • Stainless Steel Passivation, Sandblasting, Metal Polishing
  • Alloy Welding, Grinding, Boring, Precision Honing

Our Melbourne electroplating and metal coating facility is designed to coat onto all types of substrates with aluminium being one of our specialities.We have access to hundreds of specialized metal coatings, please just ask if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Technical Information

L M Electroplating Industries offers a diverse range of advanced electrodeposited coatings. Our coating facility specilizes in the coating of low and high carbon steels, brass, copper, zinc based diecasts and we are specialists in the coating of aluminium. Electrodeposited coatings offer many benefits to improve the surface characteristics of metals. Aluminium can be coated with a ceramic composite to offer wear resistance and surface corrosion protection. Steel may be coated with a sacrificial zinc and conversion coated to offer superior corrosion resistance.

Coatings can be applied not only to offer Decorative benefits, but to enhance the parent metal. We have many different advanced coating technologies available that can be used to build up and salvage worn parts. Components can be selectively coated to only apply the coating to required areas utilizing a masking process or a specilized electroplating procedure called electrochemical metallizing.

Please click on the links below to check out the technical data sheets to some of our coatings.