How to Order

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International Customers

Electrosil processes cylinders from all over the world. We are setup to receive freight from all International Couriers.

Please send us an email at to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to offer a quotation on work required.

What to Send

Please strip down cylinder of all parts possible. When we process cylinders, we usually need to immerse the whole unit though a series of strong chemicals that will dissolve metals other than aluminium. We like to have all these metals removed before processing. If you cannot remove the parts we can do that for you however we will not be liable for damaged parts.

Send the piston if you have it.

It is advisable to send the piston for precision sizing. Some of the piston manufacturers sizing can differ so it's better to be safe than sorry. This also eliminates any discrepancies between micrometres. We can supply a wide variety of aftermarket piston kits at very competitive prices if required.

Order Form

Please complete the order form by either:

Online Form

Completing the form online and printing the postage slip that will be displayed on the screen and including it with your order.

Online FORM »

Document Form

Printing the order form and enclosing it with your order.


Couriers & Freight

On the way to us

We have found the best to be AusPost, however we accept deliveries from all courier services.

On the way back to you

Return freight from our coating facility is normally performed by Startrack overnight service. We have found them to be extremely reliable and we have negotiated an excellent pricing structure with a daily afternoon pickup.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround Time is normally 2 to 4 working days from receipt of goods until despatch. Some cylinders with major damage may require a little longer. If you need your cylinder back faster, please let us know and we’ll try our hardest to assist your needs.

Once we receive the cylinder it will be issued an identification number. This unique code allows tracking of jobs within our facility and also for any future enquiries. We will then generate an invoice which will be emailed to you for payment. It will include the ID number and direct bank transfer details to settle the account so we can provide the fastest turnaround possible.