Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to do to send my cylinder to Electrosil?

Cylinders should be prepared by removing all cylinder heads, water jacket covers, power valves, exhaust covers and cylinder studs. The cylinder should be supplied with a piston or we can supply a piston kit at a very competitive price. Package your cylinder including the following information - Name, Address & Contact Phone Number/FAX Number.

How long will Electrosil need my cylinder?

The turnaround time is 3-4 working days from the receipt of the cylinder. Damaged cylinders that require weld repairing and machining may take a little extra time.

What about payment?

Electrosil accepts all credit cards (Mastercard, Visa) We can ship COD or Direct Deposit Money transfer.

Why Electrosil coat my cylinder instead of sleeving?

Cast iron liners are old technology and the result of their use is a heavier cylinder with reduced performance.

My cylinder broke a rod and is damaged. Can you still fix it?

Yes we can fix almost any type of cylinder damage with our custom-built welding and machining facilities.

My cast iron liner has worn past its last oversize. Can you help?

Yes! The Electrosil coating can be applied to cast iron and used to build up the worn sleeve as long as the sleeve can be removed from the alloy cylinder.

My cylinder has troubles with ring seizure/snagging on port edges. Can Electrosil help?

Electrosil coats thousands of cylinders and has many cylinder modifications on file to prevent these problems.

Can Electrosil bore my cylinder oversize?

Yes! Electrosil can bore most cylinders to oversize. (80cc to 85cc, 125cc to 150cc, 250cc to 300cc, 400cc to 450cc) Please call and talk to us regarding your requirements.

Does Electrosil warranty its coating?

Yes! Electrosil will warranty its cylinder coating for a 12 month period. We are that confident in our coating we also cover a replacement piston kit if required.

Why should I use the Electrosil coating?

Increased power output, high tech ceramic coating with inbuilt Electrolube additive outperforms the competition.

What type of rings should I run?

The Electrosil coating is so hard that any manufacturers engine rings may be used. The harder the ring the better.